KoBo, Ona and Formhub have deep built-in integration with Enketo. Note that Formhub is no longer maintained and has a quirky configuration, quite a few bugs, and lacks newer features. It is highly recommended to install KoBoCAT or Ona instead. Both are very actively maintained forks of formhub.

These instructions will aim to guide you in the right direction, but Ona and KoBoToolbox configuration is subjectto change (improve) before this page is updated.

Sign up for an Enketo account and make sure to:

  1. Choose a plan and enter a credit card (no free option except installing it yourself)
  2. Enter the Server URL (your KoBo/Ona/Formhub URL, eg: http://myserver.com) in the Form Server tab of your Enketo account

Install KoBo/Ona/Formhub and change these settings:

  1. Enketo API URL: you can find this under the Form Server tab of your Enketo account (e.g. https://enke.to/api/v1) . This may require setting a combination of ENKETO_URL (https://enke.to) and ENKETO_API_ROOT (/api/v1).
  2. ENKETO_PREVIEW_URL should be set to '/preview'.
  3. ENKETO_API_TOKEN should be set to the API key that you can find inside your Enketo account

Don't hesitate to seek help in the Enketo/KoBo/Ona fora if you get stuck. You'll likely get assistance from others very quickly.